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Peak Democracy Has Joined OpenGov

In October 2017, it was announced that Peak Democracy along with its flagship civic engagement tool, Open Town Hall, had been acquired by OpenGov. The merger was intended to strengthen OpenGov’s Smart Government Cloud.

“Integrating Open Town Hall into our Smart Government Cloud transforms our Open Data solution into the industry’s most complete Citizen Engagement solution, and adds a participatory budgeting capability to OpenGov Budget Builder. Using OpenGov, governments can now share their stories via data, narratives, and multimedia; solicit feedback from citizens; and incorporate the feedback into their plans, budgets, and day-to-day operations.”

For Peak Democracy co-founder Robert Vogel,

“Teaming up with OpenGov was a no-brainer given we have such complementary products and similar missions…This deal is great news for our customers because OpenGov will invest heavily in making Open Town Hall an even more effective channel for engaging citizens.”

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