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Internet, democracia e participação popular: Discutindo experiências participativas

The English translation of reference title is “Internet, democracy and popular participation: Discussing participative experiences.”

Dissertation by Valéria Marcondes for fulfillment of a doctorate degree at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Marcondes compares the effects of internet on the Popular Consultation from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil and the Municipal Acting Program from Barcelona, Spain. The dissertation is written in Portuguese, with the exception of a translated version of the abstract into English. From the abstract:

The objective is understanding how the information and communication technologies [ICT] can contribute to the democratic process and to decision making, interpreting the main conflicts, limitations and opportunities of the relation between democracy and information and communication technologies. […] The interpretation of these processes makes it possible to point out the similarities and the differences between both, presenting aids to the construction of a participatory model based on deliberation and communication, supported by the ICT’s, which guaranties [sic] legitimacy to the decisions and reinforces the democratic process, in the Brazilian context. It is also aimed to contribute to the diffusion of the debate about the digital participatory democracy and the popular participation alternatives.

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