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Regional Vision -- Residents develop Vision Dixie Principles and Vision Scenario

From the case study:

Context: Washington County in Utah’s extreme southwest corner is known as Utah’s “Dixie.” This sun-belt county nearly doubled in population in each of the three decades between 1970 and 2000, and according to some estimates, the population may triple in the next 30 years. Faced with growing concerns about the future, and spurred on by discussions about a proposed federal Washington County Growth and Conservation Act, Washington County decided to develop a regional vision that would preserve the quality of life and ensure an affordable, livable future.

Vision Dixie is about choice—the project used scenario planning at a “big picture” scale to help people understand the consequences of today’s actions. Guided by a diverse Steering Committee and benefiting from the input of over 3000 residents, the project resulted in a set of Vision Dixie Principles and a Vision Scenario. Together, these provide a framework for voluntary implementation that is already guiding elected local officials and residents as they face critical decisions about their local plans, development regulations, and development proposals.


Technology and Tools: Winston Associates used Community-Viz Scenario 360™ for evaluating development pressures, allocating development and analyzing impacts. They also used ArcGlobe, Arc-Scene, Sketchup, Google Earth and Winston’s Vizhen for visualizations. Envision Utah made use of its IMPACS tool (Integrated Model for Planning and Cost Scenarios) concurrently to look at water demands and localized infrastructure costs associated with growth. The public was engaged through a series of workshops and dialogue meetings, a chip game exercise, keypad polling, an interactive web site with on-line scenario feedback, and independent telephone survey.

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