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City of Salinas Adopted Operating Budget FY 2014 – 2015

From the document (page 64):

Public Engagement Impact and Influence on the Priority Based Budget Scores

Prior to finalizing the priority based budget model, the consultant applied a weight to the Community and Governance Results based on the feedback from the community outreach. As mentioned above, the Departments scored all of their programs on how well they influence the Council goals (Results) and a peer review team also scored all of the programs. The total score from the online and in-person community meetings was tallied and was applied as a final weight to determine which Result mattered most to the community. The chart below shows the impact the weighting had on the programs and how the shift occurred before and after the weighting was applied. The striking observation and validation shown in the chart is that after applying the weight from the community input to the priority based budget model, programs shift from lower, less priority quartiles, to higher quartiles, which indicates the City is funding programs that matter most to the community.

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