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Solving Democracy Through Technology: Introducing Wasa2il

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Many Pirate Parties are implementing liquid feedback, as an internal decision making system. Some examples being PPDE, which uses it as a sort of running straw-poll of membership opinion and PPIT which scrapped its board in favor of letting its membership make decisions via liquid feedback. LF is not without its critics and there are plenty of Pirate Programmers and philosophers out there working on developing improved models.

One of the new tools, building on ideas from Liquid Democracy, is Wasa2il. It was begun by Smári McCarthy, in conjunction with the Moroccan Pirates, in 2012 in order to address problems in the current Liquid Democracy systems. Pronounced “wasa’il”, it comes from Arabic, and signifies “means” – the maneuverability to accomplish something. The first part of the word, “waza” means “liquid”-which appropriately describes the concept of Liquid Democracy. Wasa2il is currently in beta and being used internally by the Pirate Party of Iceland. Wasa2il is an open source project hosted in Github and is based on the concept of a polity (a politically organized society, state, city, etc. ). This means Wasa2il is scalable and can be used by any self-governed group from a small society to the largest of nations.

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