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TosiT The Open Societal Innovation Toolbox Werkzeuge für offene gesellschaftliche Innovation Handbuch

From the English Summary (page 23):

Open societal innovation (OSI) refers to the adaptation and subsequent sustainable use of appropriate open innovation approaches from business, adapted and utilized by state and society to solve societal challenges. To
increase an organization’s innovative strength, external knowledge of idea generators from outside the organization is integrated. This allows external actors to include external ideas in already existing organizations (outsidein),
and to use ideas generated in these organizations by external actors (inside-out) and to mutually generate new ideas (coupled process).

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) may accelerate these processes. As catalysts ICTs reach relevant actors in society, support community building, and help ignite common activities.

Since July 2012, a consortium of project partners from Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland addresses this issue within the international research project “eSociety Lake Constance 2020”, funded by the International
Lake Constance University (Internationale Bodensee-Hochschule, IBH). The overall research guiding question is:

How can open innovation contribute to solving societal issues in the Lake Constance region?

Further questions addressed in the research project are:

| How can the innovative potential of all societal actors be unlocked?
| How can the innovative potential of society at large be strategically utilized and stabilized?
| Which formats, processes, methods, and tools are suitable?

Relevant actors in the region and their role in the innovation process were identified and best-practice examples (“lighthouses”) methodically collected and described. Additionally, innovative pilot projects were launched by
the project committee.

One main objective of the research project was the development of a database for tools that enhances open societal innovation. These tools were methodically collected and systematically evaluated based on a predefined
set of criteria. The results of this survey are now available free and open: TosiT – The Open Societal Innovation Toolbox (

The focus of this manual for the open societal innovation toolbox (“Handbuch für Werkzeuge für offene gesellschaftliche Innovation (The Open Societal Innovation Toolbox); volume 10 of the TOGI-series) is on background information and explanations to provide assistance to interested users of TosiT. Therefore it offers an overview of available tools, categories and selected examples in everyday life.

The corresponding “Handbuch für offene gesellschaftliche Innovation” (manual for open societal Innovation; Raffl et al. 2014) contains the final results of the research project "eSociety Bodensee 2020“. Volume 11 of the TOGI-series includes more detailed background information on the development of the concept of open societal innovation. Relevant stakeholders of open societal innovation processes and best practice examples from the Lake Constance region are introduced. It also comprises those projects piloted by the research consortium as well as a short introduction of relevant tools for open societal innovation.

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