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Texting for community engagement: Groundsource expands to public beta

Entry on the Knight Digital Media Center blog:

Originally envisioned as a way to help journalists build a network of local sources, the vision of Groundsource has expanded to helping news and community-based organizations listen to and engage their entire community. Over the last year, the Groundsource team has been testing and piloting over a dozen implementations from New Orleans to Cape Town, from Macon to Nairobi, further honing the toolset and clarifying its value to organizations and communities.

Interactive text messaging (a channel that’s generally overlooked in community engagement and publishing efforts) is central to how Groundsource works — allowing organizations to collect input from community members, as well as offer effective community alerts and calls to action. As the lowest common denominator of cell phone communications, texting allows organizations to connect effectively with community segments that might otherwise be hard to reach.

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