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The Online Public Engagement Emporium

A collection of digital engagement tools compiled by Della Rucker.

From the about page:

This site grew out of a white paper that I published for a couple of years at the Wise Economy Workshop, my main platform and the name of my consulting firm / writing platform. The white paper was hugely successful, but it had a problem: the stuff changed too quickly for that format to work very well. Every time I did an update, I found that I had missed two or three new platforms or apps that should have been in there. New applications and web sites seemed to pop up all over, and there was no easy way to make sure that the white paper was up to date.

In order to be included, a tool must meet the following criteria:

  • Gets people involved in their community‚Äôs decisions.
  • Works for communities.
  • Publicly available.
  • Reasonably turn-key.

Additional information