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The D&D and Systemic Transformation Journey December 15 – January 31, 2015

A “chronicle” by Robert Corman that outlines a recent collaboration process among a group of members of the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD).

This is the story about how a powerful question posed by one thought leader in the D&D community generated a whirlwind of unprecedented online activity and excitement. It was not that the question offered up a delightful new way to connect with others or promised a feel good outcome. Rather, Tom Atlee’s question was a courageous cry, an invitation to come to the doorway of possibly the largest of all shared fears: the threat of species extinction and just what might each of us and us together “be and do” to make a difference.


The question led to Dialogue, Deliberation and System Transformation (D&DTrans) – a series of virtual events in which members of various D&D organizations and listservs (NCDD, Art of Hosting, Open Space listservs and Tom Atlee’s mailing list) were invited to participate. The intended results were not to forge a repositioning of the field or a specific strategy that might arise from a lengthy deliberative process, but rather to see what emerged from being together in the virtual realm holding focus on the calling question. The process yielded a series of dynamic conversations, a rich bounty of writings, new ideas, and exciting collaborations as well as a real-time glimpse into the future capacities and tools of this evolving field.

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