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DCLA meet CIDA: Collective Intelligence Deliberation Analytics


This discussion paper builds a bridge between Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics (DCLA), whose focus tends to be on student discourse in formal educational contexts, and research and practice in Collective Intelligence Deliberation Analytics (CIDA), which seeks to scaffold quality deliberation in teams/collectives devising solutions to complex problems. CIDA research aims to equip networked communities with deliberation platforms capable of hosting large scale, reflective conversations, and actively feeding back to participants and moderators the ‘vital signs’ of the community and the state of its deliberations. CIDA tends to focus not on formal educational communities, although many would consider themselves learning communities in the broader sense, as they recognize the need to pool collective intelligence in order to understand, and co-evolve solutions to, complex dilemmas. We propose that the context and rationale behind CIDA efforts, and emerging CIDA implementations, contribute a research and technology stream to the DCLA community. The argument is twofold: (i) The context of CIDA work connects with the growing recognition in educational thinking that students from school age upwards should be given the opportunities to engage in authentic learning challenges, wrestling with problems and engaging in practices increasingly close to the complexity they will confront when they graduate. (ii) In the contexts of both DCLA and CIDA, different kinds of users need feedback on the state of the debate, and the quality of the conversation: the students and educators served by DCLA are mirrored by the citizens and facilitators served by CIDA. In principle, therefore, a fruitful dialogue could unfold between DCLA/CIDA researchers and practitioners, in order to better understand common and distinctive requirements.

Presented at _CLA14: 2nd International Workshop on Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics at LAK14_. Check out the website:

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