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Digital Outreach in Salt Lake City: Evaluating Effectiveness & Synthesizing Input

Executive summary:

Salt Lake City has used a variety of innovative digital outreach tools to engage residents in community planning and decision-making. As a community at the forefront of this type of outreach, the City sought guidance from PlaceMatters on 1) how to evaluate the effectiveness of digital outreach methods, and 2) how to synthesize (compile and summarize) the input gathered through these methods into a format that is useful for local government planners and decision-makers. To address these questions, PlaceMatters conducted a baseline assessment of the City’s current use of digital outreach tools, reviewed previous research on best practices in evaluating the effectiveness of digital outreach methods and synthesizing input collected through these methods, and interviewed leading practitioners in the field regarding their experiences on specific projects or research efforts they have led. This report summarizes PlaceMatters’ findings and recommendations.

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