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The Largest Loomio Project Yet

Article in Techpresident about a Loomio implementation by the Greek Pirate Party:

The Greek adaptation of Loomio is known as E.D.A. (“Ενημέρωση Διαβούλευση Απόφαση” or “Information, Consultation, Decision”) and retains Loomio’s basic features but embellishes upon them with apps like voice communication software Mumble, collaborative text editor Etherpad, IRC Chat and Doodle. The aim of this site is to create a culture of direct democracy and to reclaim Greece’s birthright as the cradle of democracy, Mariotti tells techPresident. The 461 Loomio groups cover 18 federal departments, 13 regions of Greece, 23 prefectures, and then hundreds of counties and municipalities. Mariotti and his team have also created a Loomio site for all of the direct democracy groups in greece called The Alliance for Direct Democracy. Mariotti says both sites will launch strategically two to three few weeks before the European Union’s parliamentary elections in May.

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