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Case study on ePractice:

Case Abstract

Over a 12 month period, pilot trials of the CitizenScape programme integrated and tested Web 2.0 tools and solutions in a socially purposeful way, encouraging people to participate in concrete legislative and democratic processes. With a clear objective of increasing citizen participation by 25%, four contrasting local authority pilot sites were trialled across Europe. The specific focus of these trials was to engage citizens with the implementation of EU environmental legislation at a local level. The CitizenScape project connected existing social web environments to democratic debate in order to create a co-produced civic space which can empowers individuals and communities to formally participate as decision-makers.

From the outset the CitizenScape consortium affirmed that in order to achieve a viable Deployment Plan for the rollout of the platform across Europe it was of critical importance to adequately quantify and analyse specific objectives and expected outcomes and criteria of success of the project.

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