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Government 2.0 in Betaphase

From the document:

An Analysis of eParticipation and Web 2.0 Applications of Germany’s 50 largest Cities and 16 Federal States

After years of sluggish progress, eParticipation is increasingly being prioritized by German and international policy makers. Web 2.0 applications are supposed to facilitate the citizen-government interaction. Following a web-based data collection of web-portals, eParticipation offerings and use of Web 2.0 applications in Germany’s 50 largest cities and 16 federal states in the areas of urban planning, budgetary planning, complaints/suggestions and citizen services within a four-step policy cycle were analyzed. The results underline that informational integration of citizens in government outweighs consultative approaches. Therefore, this study concludes that—for the 66 cases studied—German Government 2.0 activities are still in beta phase.

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