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Horsham District Core Strategy Review Consultation

From the website:

The Horsham District Core Strategy sets out a framework for planning the future of the District, including how the District Council intends to meet the Governments requirements for development. The existing Core Strategy covers the period to 2018 but we now need to look even further ahead as the Government has approved the South East Plan, which sets out new requirements from 2006 to 2026.

The first stage in the process of preparing the Core Strategy Review has begun. The Core Strategy Review Consultation Document is called ‘Leading Change in Partnership to 2026 and Beyond’ and was published for consultation on 4 September 2009. The document sets out some of the key issues in planning the future of the District and some options for how our development requirements can be met. A revised version of the Key Diagram has also been published which can be found below, under ‘Supporting Documents’.

Comments were invited on these issues and options during the consultation period, which ended on 16 October 2009.

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