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Herefordshire Partnership Consultations

From the website:

This section will provide you with information about past, present and future involvement activities and consultations by partner organisations within the Herefordshire Partnership. This will include both electronic consultations and more traditional involvement activities.

Giving you access to past, present and future consultations responds to one of the commitments in the Herefordshire Council’s Community Involvement Strategy, which is to be open and accountable to everyone living and working in Herefordshire about the information we have gathered through consultations, and how we have used this information to provide the best possible services in the County.

If you want to participate in electronic consultations, you will be required to register, using the links provided. All we require is a valid email address and your name, although further information will help us target future consultations more effectively and invite you – dependent on the information you have given us about your particular interests – to participate in future consultations.

You will also be able to access the results of closed consultations and find out what organisations within the Herefordshire Partnership have done with the information gathered through consultations. By using the ‘search’ categories, you search according to specific areas, target groups and dates of consultations.

All information you give us about yourself when registering will be treated in strictest confidence in line with our privacy policy.

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