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Your Health, Your Care, Your Say

From the evaluation report:
From the final report:

The main communications approaches and tools were:

* Developing content about the process for the Department of Health and dedicated websites, and through staff bulletins and briefings. This helped ensure consistent messages throughout the process.
* Developing the core and magazine questionnaires – the magazine questionnaires were designed to generate awareness as much as to feed into policy development.
* Developing a strategy and materials to support the devolved events, including an initial briefing/consultation meeting with representatives from NHS organisations, local authorities and stakeholder organisations to discuss the resources organisers of events would need, which resulted in the production of an interactive resource pack that was made available on the dedicated website (
* The resource pack included background information on the topics to be discussed, options on how events could be run and guidance on how best to facilitate the discussions. It also included online discussion fora where organisers of events could share their experience and ask questions. This proved to be a useful medium for the Department of Health team to put questions to the organisers. It was through this mechanism that, for example, the suite of languages in which consultation materials would be made available was determined.
* […]

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