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Ask Bristol

From the about page:

In days gone by, people used to gather in public spaces to discuss the issues of the day, meeting like-minded people and generating ideas for action.

Nowadays, people rarely find time to gather and debate issues in person, but more and more find that the Internet can provide a way to meet other people, discuss issues and gain a sense of community online.

Bristol City Council provides a space, here at, where you can find information, access resources and of course, be part of the debate, whatever is on your mind.

And about viewfinder:

What is Viewfinder?

Viewfinder is a new site where you can have your say about all sorts of issues that may affect your life in Bristol. The site is a ‘public beta’ which means that though it all works we are still plan to make changes based on what you, the users think. If you do have a suggestion as to how we can make the site better then please let us know using the feedback page.

Additional information

Tools used

A list of tools that were used during this project: