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Think Fathers

From the about page:

The Think Fathers campaign was launched in November 2008 by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in association with a range of partners, including the Fatherhood Institute. The campaign was born as a result of research showing that the support of fathers by public services was uneven. Its aim is to encourage public, health and family services to be more ‘dad-friendly’ and inclusive of fathers.

The campaign seeks to amplify fathers’ voices and improve public attitudes towards dads by creating public debate about the role of fathers. Since its launch, a number of significant initiatives have helped to raise awareness of the need for father-inclusiveness practices. Some of the highlights included: the Think Fathers Shed Tour; the ‘Soap Dads’ story about the negative portrayal of dads in soaps; ‘Dads at Work Day’ showcasing ways in which employers are creating family friendly work places, and a celebration of fatherhood in the Father’s Day Honours feature in The Sun newspaper. Read about all these and more in the DCSF’s June 2009 Campaign report.

The project blog runs on WordPress.

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