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Hornsby Shire Housing Strategy

From the site:

This consultation space has been created to assist Council engage the community in discussion and debate about the Hornsby Shire Housing Strategy. You can view the Housing Strategy and supporting information by clicking on the ‘Library’ tab to the right of the page (please note that the files are quite large and may take some time to download). You can also read the forum questions below and leave your comments.
The purpose of the Housing Strategy is to provide a blueprint for the location and form of additional housing provision in the Shire. Council has to plan for more housing because the State Government requires that all councils accommodate a share of Sydney’s future housing needs.
The Housing Strategy identifies opportunities for future housing within 25 precincts. The housing forms predominantly consist of five storey apartment buildings, along with a mix of townhouses, three storey walk up flats and eight to ten storey apartment buildings.
Council is undertaking a 2 month consultation period to seek community feedback on the Strategy, …

According to the Online Community Engagement blog, this consultation “yielded 1152 comments from 4109 visitors.”

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