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Power of 32

From the about page:

About the Project

The Power of 32, launched in May 2009, is a two-year process to provide an opportunity for every resident of the 32-county, 4-state region to participate in creating a shared vision for the region’s best future. The 32 counties included in the visioning project- fifteen in southwestern Pennsylvania, ten in northern West Virginia, five in eastern Ohio, and two in western Maryland – represent the economic region centered on metropolitan Pittsburgh.

The Power of 32 differs from any planning effort in significant ways:

* The 32-county region has common challenges and opportunities in the global economy, but is larger than the scope of any one political entity, authority, or organization;
* The project doesn’t have a pre-determined set of issues. The priorities will be identified by the participants;
* The process aims for the broadest possible public participation both from people within the region and from the many former residents around the globe;
* The resulting To-Do list will require the cooperation of entities – quite possibly across government, business, and non-profit sectors – to address problems and opportunities which are regional.

The initial public phase of the Power of 32 is engaging and listening to your thoughts on the issues and possibilities for the region’s future. That will be followed by the second phase where the public will refine those challenges and opportunities to reach the final phase of creating a regional To-Do list.

The project uses SurveyMonkey for their online survey.

The project is present on Twitter and on Facebook.

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