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Copyright Consultations

This online consultation by the Government of Canada on copyright modernization ran between July 20 and September 13, 2009.

From the press release (July 20, 2009): Government of Canada Launches National Consultations on Copyright Modernization

The consultations will run until September 13, 2009, and will include a number of different avenues for Canadians to participate, including an online discussion forum as well as a submission centre for posting detailed submissions.

A number of round tables have also been planned across Canada to canvass the views of experts and organizations on the kinds of amendments needed to position Canada as a world leader in the digital economy.

Two town hall meetings will also be webcast on the consultation site, allowing Canadians in all parts of the country to participate in the conversation via the Internet.

From the FAQ:

1) Why is the government consulting on copyright? Why now?

The current copyright legislation was enacted in 2001. It is important that any new legislation that is tabled not only reflect the current technological reality, but is also forward-looking and can withstand the test of time. The government is taking this opportunity to listen to Canadians about what is important to them on copyright.

The government is working towards introducing legislation in the fall.

2) What will the government do with the results of the consultations?

The results of the consultations — the round tables, town hall meetings, online submissions and online discussions — will be available to the public throughout the process.

At the end of these consultations, the government will take stock of the submissions that Canadians have made and the discussions that took place. With these in mind, the government will draft and table new legislation.

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