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NHS Constitution Consultation

From the press release (December 22, 2009):

Have your Say

NHS North Lincolnshire is asking local residents to have their say on the future of the National Health Service. The NHS Constitution was first published on 21st January 2009 and now the NHS is asking people to get involved in the next stage of its development.

Nationally the NHS is consulting with patients, staff, carers and partners on the NHS Constitution and here in North Lincolnshire people have their opportunity to have their say.

The project uses SurveyMonkey. From the first page of the online survey:

We are conducting this consultation as part of a national exercise to gather the views of the public, patients, carers and NHS staff in respect of extending the legal rights of the NHS Constitution.

The NHS Constitution was recently passed by the Government and, for the first time, sets in law what the NHS must do, and what patients and staff can expect from the NHS.

The Government is considering whether to extend the legal rights contained in the NHS Constitution; the questions below outline what these rights are and to ask for your views. It is not a consultation on the Constitution itself, but whether to include the following areas as legal rights for patients.

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A list of tools that were used during this project: