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Copenhagen Summit Map

From the about page:

What is this Site?

Chris Tomich, a mild mannered dialogue mapper and SharePoint consultant from Seven Sigma of sunny Perth, Western Australia, felt that the forthcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Summit is a critical moment in history. This is where the global community will come together to take real and concrete steps in dealing with challenges presented by climate change. This is one of the most complex yet critical problems facing humanity, and Chris hit upon the idea of utilising his sensemaking skills in making the dialogue and discourse from the summit available to a wider audience.

Chris realised that this could not be done alone, so he called in the assistance of his colleagues at Seven Sigma as well as his mentor, and inventor of Dialogue mapping, Jeff Conklin of the Cognexus Institute for help. Jeff loved the idea, and put the word out to his small army of sense makers to mobilise.

Chris then contacted David Price of Debategraph, who also jumped at the plan. Debategraph is a terrific argument visualisation tool that allows rich global collaboration on difficult issues, presented in a way that is accessible and clear. This is a true collaborative effort that will allow the world to examine the deeper threads of the various, complex and interrelated issues forming the climate change challenge.

Our intention is to build a rich map of information taken from a variety of sources including live/delayed web casts of the conference and any other materials made available from the conference. The process of building the maps aims to be unbiased and all information is considered suitable content for the maps.

Additional information

Tools used

A list of tools that were used during this project: