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Your Voice Matters - A Dialogue about

From the about page:

Why This Dialog?

GSA’s Office of Citizen Services manages and we want your suggestions as to how to make it better. We’re hosting this dialog until January 8, 2010 to learn how to improve our online delivery of government information and services. We will listen to what you have to say, and implement new and better approaches to connect people to the government information that they need to improve their lives.

We want your input about how we can enhance, and also your ideas about improving all online government information. We will also be asking how we can improve the general process of getting public feedback. This dialog is an experiment and we are open to all of your ideas.

We’ll be participating in the discussion too, posting new questions and proposals, and reacting to your comments throughout the duration of this dialog.

By logging on and contributing your thoughts, experiences, and feedback, you will not only help us improve but also help improve all online government information, a resource upon which so many Americans rely.

So please take some time to see what others are saying, click around and post your own ideas, and check back often to see what new topics are being discussed.

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