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Speak Up Winnipeg

From the about page:

About Speak Up Winnipeg – A New Approach

Speak Up Winnipeg is more than the name of this web site; it is a way of doing things. The Speak Up Winnipeg approach holds that Winnipeggers have the vision and creative energy to plan for the future, and that an open, involving and empowering process can capture this collective wisdom and turn it into action. From April 2009 to April 2010, Speak Up Winnipeg is open to anyone, at any time. Input is accepted in a number of ways: pictures, videos, words and points of view and ideas can be shared through this web site. As well, there will be face to face opportunities to share ideas as roundtables, open houses and other public events.

Speak Up Winnipeg will be the most interactive, participatory and transparent planning exercise ever attempted in this city. The approach selects the best collaborative planning techniques from cities around the world and combines them into a process that makes a substantial commitment to direct public involvement. City of Winnipeg elected officials and members of the public service will be actively collaborating alongside citizens, organizations and businesses.

The Speak Up Winnipeg process positions our city as a world leader in collaborative planning and will help deliver a new plan that Winnipeggers can be part of and be proud of.

Social media channels include Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and more.

According to this blog post, the site has seen the following adoption numbers (November 12, 2009): Speak Up Winnipeg, By the Numbers

  • Since late April 2009 – about 535 registered users and over 625 Facebook fans
  • 1,600 posted comments (includes blog comments, twitter-related comments and emails)
  • About 100,000 page views since launch
  • About 5.5 million site hits since launch

Additional information

Tools used

A list of tools that were used during this project: