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Police Act Review

From the website:

The previous legislative basis for policing in New Zealand – the Police Act 1958 and Police Regulations 1992 – was revamped in 2008.

The goal was to redesign the legislation to reflect the challenges of modern day policing, and to better position New Zealand Police for the future.


The review of New Zealand’s Police legislation was completed on 5 September 2008. The new Policing Act is effective from 1 October 2008.

The information on this site records the consultation and policy development undertaken between March 2006 and September 2008 to create the Policing Act 2008.

The site allowed participants to contribute to a wiki (archive):

A wiki Act was launched in September 2007, as an innovative way to capture public views on what a new Policing Act might look like.

We got an overwhelming response, especially after news of the wiki spread internationally.

The cyber conversation stretched far and wide. Contributors came up with ideas for a new Act which covered a broad range of topics, from high-level governance to day-to-day administration.

After the huge amount of interest generated, the fully-open wiki has now run its course. The logical next step was to consolidate everyone’s suggestions, drawing on the final version of the wiki Act, and back-capturing ideas from the wiki’s history.

The resulting wiki Act, as at 1 October 2007, is accessible from this site as a document of record. Along with other inputs from traditional consultation channels, it’s a resource that can feed into the upcoming parliamentary law-making process.

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