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wePlan Alpine

From the website:

This is where Parks Victoria’s alpine planning team will discuss the development of the Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan from the very beginning of the planning process.

The Greater Alpine National Parks are reserved and managed under the National Parks Act 1975 (Vic.). The Act requires the preservation and protection of the natural condition of the parks, and their natural, cultural and other features. The Act also provides for the use of the parks by the public for enjoyment, recreation, education and appropriate research activities.

This project will consolidate all the existing plans to provide a broad strategic plan for managing and protecting these special Alpine parks.

The parks each have existing management plans containing a wealth of knowledge and a sound base for management. Some of the textual detail contained in these plans is being digitised into maps. The maps will form the basis of the revised plan, incorporating changes to take into account landscape scale management, climate change, fire and indigenous cultural heritage.

The site allows participation via a wiki and a blog. From the website: How you can participate


The blog will enable anyone who is interested in the parks to contribute their thoughts, ideas and opinions. These can be shared with other people and you can talk with experts, other interested people or with the Parks Victoria planning team about specific or general things.


The knowledge gallery wiki and plan wiki now available. A wiki is a document which allows many people to collaborate on editing it. In the plan wiki, Parks Victoria has completed a table of contents with some base information, the community can edit most of the plan. In the knowledge gallery wiki, there is a list of topics where Parks Victoria will load discussion papers, reports and research.

You will be able to contribute new ideas, discuss concepts or ideas within the plan and the knowledge gallery. Using the “discuss” tab behind each page you can ask questsions or debate an issue. Using the “edit” tab you can proof read and edit. Don’t forget to sign your discussions using your wiki name

Edits and comments by registered users will be used by the project team to complete a printable Draft Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan. The draft plan will then be released for the 60 day public comment period.

User of GIS

Parks Victoria PPGIS by planspark, on Flickr

From the website:

As part of the Greater Alpine Plan, a public participation geographic information systems (PPGIS) study was completed to have park visitors identify their experiences in the various national parks and historic areas. In the study, over 350 individuals mapped over 5700 park experiences and perceived environmental impacts from January to April 2009.


The results of the study are also available for interactive viewing on the web using either a Google Maps (2D) or Google Earth (3D) interface. To view the data, follow the links below:

Google Maps viewer:
bq. Google Earth viewer:

Additional information

Tools used

A list of tools that were used during this project: