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Citizens' Panel from the Social Democratic Party of Finland (SDP)

What is a Citizens’ Panel?
The SDP Citizens’ Panel is a community engagement platform where people can share their opinions on important and topical question.
Through the panel, one can also get information on SDP’s policies. People can also leave feedback through the Citizens’ Panel. The SDP utilizes the results of the panel to form its positions.
The SDP Citizens’ Panel was set up in 2014 and has previously worked through email surveys. New Citizens’ Panel works with a browser and a mobile app that can be downloaded to iOS and Android phones.
How does the Citizens’ Panel work?
As a member of the Citizens’ Panel, members of the public will receive short inquiries on a variety of topical issues. Queries will be answered in the application via “cards”.
Anyone can be member of the Citizens’ Panel, it does not require SDP membership.
The results of the questionnaires are reported to the SDP party leadership, the party government and the working groups. The results will also be passed on to party MPs who can use the results to benefit their parliamentary work.
The platform is created by Future Dialog

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