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Common territorial strategy consultation by the Communauté de commune des Portes Euréliennes

In France, Communauté de commune des Portes Euréliennes ’ common territorial strategy consultation invited citizens to partake in the decision-making process involving the 2017 territorial merger of five communautés de communes, “community of communes,” (Beauce Alnéloise, Quatre Vallées, Terrasses et Vallées de Maintenon, and Val Drouette, Val de Voise became la Communauté de communes des Portes Euréliennes d’Île-de-France).

The purpose of the survey project is to gather feedback and communicate to government officials the development priorities of those living in the newly defined boundaries.

The online consultation stretched from November 8th, 2017 to December 13th, 2017. To vote, participants had to be over 16 years old and be a resident of the given region.

The platform was built on the online voting tool, D21.

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