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Search: is a platform enabling Estonian citizens (of at least 16 years of age) to propose, discuss, and vote on legal initiatives addressing their national parliament (Riigikogu).

On the platform, Estonian citizens can propose their own initiatives or support others by upvoting other proposals. Upon creation of an initiative, by default, three days must lapse before the initiative will be published to the public for review and signatures. The platform is moderated by the Estonian Cooperation Assembly.

Generally, the process is as follows:
1. Initiative proposed.
2. Discussion period and gathering of signatures.
3. Preparation of draft and feedback.
4. Coordination and consultation.
5. A Government committee will discuss the proposal within three months and makes a decision within 6 months of it being forwarded.
6. Riigikogu (Estonian parliament).
7. State Gazette.
8. Evaluation and implementation.

A helpful guide to grasp the details of this process can be found here.

The Estonian government is obliged to recognize petitions that have collected at leasts 1000 digital signatures. Submitted proposals and their status in legislative procedure can be tracked on the platform. According to the website:

During the period from spring 2014 until beginning of 2016, the Parliament has processed 12 collective initiatives and two of them have been made into laws.

Initiatives that are categorized according to the following stages: in progress, voting, and follow-up.

Explanatory Video is built on CitizenOS. The portal was one of the projects was established from the Estonian Action Plan (2014-2016) of the Open Government Partnership.

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