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PTP@artecipato is an online platform by the province of Enna in Italy allowing citizens and groups alike to express their opinions on topics related to the environment, economy, education, transportation, infrastructure and tourism, in a geographically-specific manner. The Geo-blog allows users to communicate their ideas and opinions on the web by associating them with a specific location (a building, a square, a park, etc.).

The web platform enables “browsing and navigation of satellite images," and offers “maps with indications of places and roads at different levels of detail,” for which users can "insert graphic elements (markers or placeholders) for the identification of the place being reported.” Video files, links, and/or images can also be attached to map markers. A user guide can be found here.

The province of Enna developed the tool as a way of encouraging citizen participation in the refinement of the “Provincial Territorial Plan” or “Piano Territoriale Provinciale” (PTP). Users can comment by “registering with the Geo-blog dedicated to the specific Internet address where you can insert your thoughts and suggestions.” The PTP project was finalized in 2009, approved in 2015 and adopted in 2016.

The Geo-blog is powered by the mapping tool, Ushahdi, which supports Google Maps.

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