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Initiative for Equality

Initiative for Equality (IfE) is a “global network of individual activists and partner organizations working to build more equal and participatory societies around the world.”

The network is comprised of members and partners from 132 countries, with more than 300 local organizational partners in 80+ countries, conducting work on the ground. IfE has a broad-scoped mission, which is realized primarily through its “Field Hearings”.

Initiative for Equality has used the messaging application Telegram to connect members from all over the world. Project coordinators note the app’s high level of security as a particularly critical feature for the activist network. Moreover, meetings and discussions are conveniently transcribed and communication is made simpler for members who do not speak the same language. Documents can also be securely transferred through Telegram.

Advantages of IfE’s lateral decision-making structure:

● It ensures responsiveness to community needs and priorities, rather than imposing solutions from the top down.
● It ensures participatory development of activities and governance across the network – thus creating a sense of ownership and responsibility.
● It means that we are not limited to what our staff can do – rather, we can take advantage of crowd-­sourced ideas and activities from across our network, then focus on communicating and coordinating to support these activities.

It was founded in 2011.

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