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Brisbane City Council's "The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Draft Strategy"

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan Draft Strategy is a 10-year project by the Brisbane City Council with the aim of “working with the community to prepare a neighbourhood plan to guide where and how to develop the area – to keep it safe, vibrant, green and prosperous in the future.” The 4 cornerstones of the strategy are affordability, lifestyle, transport, and greenspace.

The draft plan was written after a series of community consultations, where citizens shared their ideas in over 1000 online survey responses, partook in workshops, face-to-face discussions with Council officers, and get further input through emails, letters and by phone. Moreover,

“25 community members also formed a Community Planning Team to meet with Council officers for detailed discussions and workshops. This draft strategy combines initial community input with the results of specialist planning studies to set the future direction for this unique area.”

The draft strategy can be accessed here.

The project used ARUP’s interactive mapping tool, CollabMap, to ask the public for feedback. Participants can provide input in two ways:

1. Clicking on the theme layers on the right hand side of the screen or the lightbulb and info pins on the map to access the draft strategy survey questions and strategies.

2. Using comment pins:

Click and drag a pin onto the map or use the address search to find a specific location. You can also agree or disagree with other people’s pins.
• Drag a theme pin  onto the map to locate a comment.
• If you’re out and about using your mobile device you can use the GPS function  to locate your marker in the spot where you are standing.
• You can also use the search bar to search for an exact address.

The survey period has concluded (closed in December 2017), however all feedback is still viewable on the platform.

You can also learn more about the project by playing the BrisbaneCity Council’s game, Plan Your Brisbane.

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