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PartecipaMi is the city of Milan, Italy’s forum-based online platform for citizen engagement. The name is wordplay combining “participate” and “Milan.” As of October 2017, it boasts over 8,500 registered users.

Users register to participate in the forums and discussions are moderated through administrative approval of comments. If comments are rejected by the moderator, a written explication of their reason(s) is provided to the commenter. Users can start up to 2 new discussions per forum and are limited to 3 comment submissions per discussion daily.

For more details on the platform’s various functions and projects, read this EUth article.

On the forum, topics of discussion range from urban decay and renewable initiatives to the environment, health and Smart City policies. There is also a dedicated section to promote civic actions from local youth, where young students can point out problems that they experience in the surroundings of their school through a collective account. Moreover, through the launch of two projects – “Milano Fuoriclasse” and the most recent “Time Out”, a network of local organizations, reunited under the flag “Confederazione Cittadinanza Consapevole” promotes active citizenship among the youngest generations, offering civic training in and outside of regular school times.

PartecipaMi is managed by the RCM Foundation (Rete Civica di Milano Foundation).

Originally called, it was birthed in collaboration with the University of Milan in 2005 in a Drupal environment. The platform was renamed to PartecipaMi in early 2007. In early 2011, the platform adopted the OpenDCN discussion structure with its emphasis on responsible, informed, and productive dialogue.

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