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Team Porvoo

Team Porvoo is the city of Porvoo, Finland’s mobile application for citizen engagement.

Since late 2017, Porvoo has been using the application, built by Future Dialog, to collect resident input to serve the city’s strategic objectives. Citizens are able to keep up to date on city news and community developments on the platform.

Every few weeks, new polls are made available on Team Porvoo for voting. Citizens can opt-in to receive notifications once a new poll is out. The first poll, launched in November 2017, surveyed citizens on the development of city parking spaces. As of March 2018, the city has collected roughly 30,000 responses from locals.

The free app uses location services and requires a network connect to function.

Similar applications have been developed by Future Dialog for many Finnish cities, including Lahti, Joensuu, Oulu, Tampere, and Hollola.

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