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Engage Winona

Engage Winona is a community-centric organization, seeking to support the ideas and projects created by the citizens of Winona, Minnesota. The organization helps individuals and groups with visioning and planning projects, and connects them with the requisite resources to realize their initiative.

Organization history from the about page:

Engage Winona began as a community-wide project in 2016 to envision Winona’s future. The success of that project led to innumerable ideas and projects to improve Winona – including the idea to create an independent organization to help the community get that good work done. Engage Winona became that organization in early 2017, using the Winona Community Foundation as a fiscal agent as it works toward independent nonprofit status, and has offices within Live Well Winona.

Various Engage Winona projects have enlisted the help of the online mapping tool Kumu. Ideas can be submitted through SurveyMonkey.

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