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#YourBudget2018: Pre-budget Consultation in Canada

The #YouBudget2018 pre-budget consultation campaign was launched on November 9th, 2017 by Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Through a series of online surveys, Canadians are invited to contribute their opinions on topics pertinent to 2018’s budget allocation. Access the surveys here.

The survey touches on four primary areas of concern:

* Progress for the middle class – creating more jobs, improving lives, strengthening communities and building the economy
* Economy of Tomorrow – driving innovation and equipping Canadians with tools and skills to succeed over the long-term economy
* Lifelong Learning – expanding accessibility to education, work experiences and better jobs
* Gender Equality – ensuring men and women have equal opportunities to succeed in Canada

Each survey contains 3-4 questions, and each question allows respondents to choose as many options as they would like from a group of pre-set answers. The online public consultation period ends on January 26th, 2018. The platform is built on Typeform.

To be included in the pre-budget consultations, ideas can also be sent by email or directed to the Twitter #YourBudget2018 discussion.

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