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Paris Participatory Budget

The Paris Participatory Budget is an initiative that launched in 2014 and is expected to occur yearly until at least 2020 that allows citizens to delegate a total of half a billion euros, or 100 million euros each year, to projects proposed by community members in public city infrastructure or areas. Project proposals are divided into two categories:

Paris-wide projects: funding secured entirely by the Paris City Hall
Borough projects: co-financed between the Paris City Hall and the Borough Hall

During the 2017 Participatory Budget process, funding was broken down into:

30 million euros for general Parisian projects, with an additional 10 million specifically for Parisian schools and an additional 15 million for projects dedicated to working-class neighborhoods
64.3 million euros total for borough projects (specific amount varies per borough), with an additional 15 million for borough projects dedicated to working-class neighborhoods

The participatory budget process is divided into five phases:

  1. Idea Collection: Paris residents are encouraged to submit their proposals on the Participatory Budget website powered by Lutèce. Users can also comment and collaborate on already submitted proposals, as well as contact the original submitter.
  2. Co-construction: Workshops of projects with similar proposals (same location, theme, etc.) are held to consolidate ideas.
  3. Review: The City of Paris reviews finalized proposals for feasibility and cost.
  4. Voting: Paris residents can vote for their preferred projects on the website or in polling places stationed throughout the city.
  5. Funding & Implementation: The projects with the most votes are funded and their implementation will begin by the project leaders.

More information about the Paris Participative Budget can be found in their All About the Participatory Budget guide here.

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