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Imagine Central Arkansas

Long-Range Transportation Plan

Imagine Central Arkansas was a 3-year process inviting residents of central Arkansas to participate in conversations about the region’s long-term future. UIS was retained by Metroplan to design an interactive website that fosters stakeholder dialogue. The project culminated in a new transportation plan in 2014.

UIS created a customized EngagingPlans site that featured a visual timeline on the homepage highlighting upcoming events, project phases, and other ways to get involved. The project used the Community Mapping app and called it Treasured Places, encouraging locals to submit their favorite places in the area.

To make the extensive State of the Region report accessible and fun, UIS visualized it using the Digital Workshop app. At the core of this work session were small games that display content with the user in mind and trivia questions with incentives like badges and high scores. In later phases of the project, two other games based on the Trade-Off Explorer app were used to allow residents to explore different transportation alternatives and provide feedback. The Imagine Central Arkansas team also used our Interactive Kiosks to encourage on-site participation and amplify their outreach potential.

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A list of tools that were used during this project: