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Puzzled by Policy

According to the first press release, the project launched on October 1, 2010 and was to run for three years:

Since 2005, the European Commission has attempted to tackle the perceived democratic deficit in Europe by funding a wide-ranging series of eParticipation projects. Until very recently, however, technical and social limitations have tended to prevent pan-European projects from reaching a mass audience. For the most part, citizens have needed direct access to a computer to locate and use the new tool as well as significant IT and literacy skills to navigate the policy debate. Given these restrictions, it is hardly surprising that most projects have only been able to target specific groups such as the young or environmentally conscious.

Puzzled by Policy meets this challenge head-on by combining fully researched and tested eParticipation concepts and tools, with new Web 2.0, advisory and widget technologies, to reduce the complexity of policy-making and legislative processes at the EU level and pro-actively engage citizens in the policy-making process.

The project is led by the National University of Ireland, Galway – Digital Enterprise Research Institute (NUIG) and a consortium consisting of 12 partners from nine European Countries (Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom). European University Institute (EUI), Cyntelix and Athens Technology Centre (ATC) will collaborate on the technical implementation of the platform. 21c Consultancy, Greek Research and Technology Network (GRNET) and the Institute for Electronic Participation (INePA) will provide project support, evaluation and dissemination expertise to engage their networks of NGOs and industry groups as well as other stakeholders. Finally, the City of Torino, Dimos Athinaion Epicheirisi Michanografisis (DAeM) for the Municipality of Athens, Kopint-Datorg in Budapest, and the University La Laguna in the Canary Islands will coordinate the deployment of the local pilots whilst Lusa (the Portuguese News Agency) will support the European dissemination.

From the website:

Puzzled by Policy aims to reduce the complexity of decision making within the EU and reconnect citizens with politics and policymaking by combining successful pre-existing eParticipation tools with new widget technologies to bring policymaking on the hot topic of immigration and migration ‘to the people’ in a manner that is both fun and engaging.

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