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Reimagine CBC

Grassroots project from Canada about the future of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). From the website:

Welcome! We’re a solutions-focused community igniting a national conversation to reimagine the role of public media in the age of participation.

As digital technology is breaking old business models, it is also enabling new forms of participation in our culture, economy and governance. Perhaps most importantly, it’s connecting Canadians as never before. Public media organizations have a mandate to serve citizens, and this puts them in a unique position to add value and opportunity in this period of change.

The CBC is in the process of conducting a major strategic review both internally and through outside regulators. The question is, who will shape the CBC of the future? We think Canadians should. To add your idea to the forum,hit the “I have an Idea!” button on the right, or make a post on social media via Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget to vote for your favourite ideas below.

We’ll be facilitating the discussion, bringing the best ideas to the CBC and engaging with decision-makers to turn your ideas into reality. Join a community of Canadians working to reimagine the CBC, and make it yours!

**PLEASE NOTE: This project is not officially affiliated with the CBC in any way, but we’re optimistic our input will be valued and well received.

The about page provides more background:

What will come out of this process?

Together, we hope to be able to answer some essential questions:

* How can the CBC be more interactive, accountable and community-based?
* How can the CBC play a role in ushering us into a new age of participation?
* How can the CBC become a launch pad for a new era of citizen-powered culture, innovation, creativity and collaboration?

We’ll bring the best ideas to the CBC, and together we’ll work with decision-makers to turn your ideas into reality. More specifically, we will use the ideas and other input from Canadians to put together a crowdsourced set of recommendations that we will submit to both the CBC and regulators at the CRTC.

The project is run by and Leadnow.

In addition to an online discussion forum, the project is present on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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