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Clean Water Enforcement Action Plan discussion forum

From the about page:

On July 2, 2009, Administrator Lisa Jackson asked me, as the head of EPA’s enforcement and compliance program, to examine our water enforcement program in light of information showing that water quality goals for rivers, lakes and coastal waters are not being met and that there are too many violations in too many places. She asked me to report back in ninety days with recommendations to improve information transparency, strengthen clean water enforcement performance, and expand our use of technology to increase efficiency and to provide useful information to the public. Our recommended action plan needs to focus on improving compliance and address the worst water quality.

To help us achieve the Administrator’s goals, we invite you to share your ideas through our blog. Your ideas will be considered for recommendations to the EPA Administrator about the future direction for EPA’s water enforcement program. In all our discussions, EPA will be mindful of the need to focus on the most important work for protecting water quality and improving compliance with the Clean Water Act, given resource constraints that require us to place a premium on innovation and efficiency.

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