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San Bernardino County Vision Project

The “Vision Project” (also “Shape Your Future”) is a visioning project by San Bernardino County.

From the website’s mission page:


The Vision Project aims to create a vision for the future of the entire county – something that makes it clear what kind of county our leaders should strive to create.

It is the Vision Project’s intent to seek input from the public and all interested parties in determining what kind of future we want for San Bernardino County. By understanding what residents and businesses want to see in the county’s future, government organizations can better prepare, plan and work toward realizing that future.

The online survey runs on SelectSurveyNET.

According to one article, the project “includes an Internet survey and 15 community meetings around the county” and will run for one month through the end of January 2011. A draft vision is to be presented at the annual City-County Conference in March for finalization. High school and college students are “especially encouraged to participate because they will shape the county’s future.”

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