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LG Group Transparency Programme

This consultation in the UK ran from September 30 through October 19, 2010.

From the announcement blog post: We want your views!

Welcome. Transparency is vital to local democracy, and the sooner we can achieve this, the better. But achieving transparency isn’t simply a case of throwing open the data floodgates. We must also safeguard both individual privacy and public funds. And presenting data along some common standards will help us to reap benefits of engagement, improvement and efficiency as well.

These guides offer practical support to councils as they publish spending and senior salaries data. We offer this as an open consultation so that:

* practical advice is available quickly, while still consulting widely
* those that have already published their data can share their experience broadly; and
* conversations about transparency are in the open.

We invite your views, initially by 19 October so that we can update the guidelines in the light of your input in good time for those who need to meet the January 2011 deadline. To add your comments, please input to any section relevant to you and your organisation. You can also download the full documentation and respond by email, but direct input will give everyone the benefit of your comments.

According the the wrap-up post:

[…] In 20 short days, we had nearly 6000 visits and over 4000 unique visitors to the site. We didn’t come to a consensus on some key points, but we did get a lot of feedback through comments on the site and via email which will make the next iteration even better. I say next iteration and not final version, because this is a fast moving field and we want these guides to be ‘living documents’ (yes, cliched I know) – building on the experience of the sector and those working with the data. And we’ll be sharing guides on publishing contracts and tenders in the same way.

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A list of tools that were used during this project: