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According to Wikipedia:

A eurodistrict is a European administrative entity that contains urban agglomerations which lie across the border between two or more states. A eurodistrict offers a program for cooperation and integration of the towns or communes which it comprises: for example, improving transport links for people who live and work on different sides of the border. Furthermore, it confers a trans-national regional identity and represents European integration.

This consultation is scheduled to run between October 9, 2010 and November 5, 2010, and addresses the future collaboration between Germany and France in one of the first eurodistricts, Strasbourg-Ortenau. According to Wikipedia:

Strasbourg-Ortenau is a Franco-German eurodistrict, a cross-border administrative entity (groupement européen de coopération transfrontalière) sharing common institutions, established on 17 October 2005 and definitely functional since 4 February 2010. The district is formed by the Urban Community of Strasbourg (centred on the city of Strasbourg) on the French side of the Rhine and the Ortenau district (including Achern, Kehl, Lahr, Oberkirch and Offenburg) on the German side. The combined population of the district is 884,988 (2006/2008). It covers an area of 2,176 km².

From the about page (in German):

Worum geht es bei diesem Online-Diskurs?

Der Eurodistrikt will erreichen, dass alle Bürgerinnen und Bürger auf seinem Territorium besser leben können. Darüber hinaus möchte er konkrete Projekte auch finanziell unterstützen.
In dem vierwöchigen Online-Diskurs wollen wir über die zukünftige Ausrichtung des Eurodistrikts diskutieren und von Ihnen erfahren, welche Projekte und Leistungen Sie sich für ein besseres Zusammenleben in der Grenzregion Straßburg-Ortenau wünschen.

The consultation will be run in three phases, each of which pursuing different goals (translation ours):

Phase 1: Development of discussion focus areas
Phase 2: Collaborative development of concrete solution concepts
Phase 3: Final discussion

Die Diskussion wird in drei Phasen geführt, die unterschiedliche Ziele verfolgen:

The project is being realized by Hamburg, Germany-based TuTech Innovation GmbH. The site uses binary objects e-participation framework 6.0.

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