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Idea Aid

From the website:

Donating Ideas to Change the World
Our planet is facing some serious quandaries. From international health crises to economic uncertainties to looming environmental disasters, all signs seem to point to one imperative: we need to do something about them now.

That’s the idea behind Idea Aid™, the world’s first brainstorming benefit, scheduled to launch online November 14, 2009. It’s designed to help solve some of the world’s toughest challenges facing people around the globe. But instead of giving money to help a specific cause, our participants will be giving their ideas.

For a single week in 2009, some of the world’s brightest minds — including members of Mensa International, along with academics, students, marketers and renowned experts —will come together online to focus on complex issues that affect everyone, everywhere. We invite you to join them.

Idea Aid is powered by Mensa Process, a brain trust that helps corporations solve complex problems and identify new growth opportunities. Mensa Process leverages some of the world’s most intelligent minds — among the top 2% in intelligence — to develop solutions that go far beyond traditional approaches. Learn more about Mensa Process here.

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