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e-METI Idea Box

From the press release (November 25, 2009): Results of the e-METI Idea Box

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) accepted public opinions on e-government programs from October 14 to November 14. To coincide with this, METI conducted a field trial to examine the possibility of an online opinion gathering system by setting up the “e-METI Idea Box” (hereinafter the “Idea Box”) at This was a website where anybody could visit to exchange information and opinions with other visitors.

Participation metrics (as per press release):

  • # page views: 698,457
  • # registered users: 1,063
  • # ideas posted: 456
  • # comments submitted: 1,250
  • # votes cast: 7,041 (positive: 6,062, negative: 979)

The original website was live at but has meanwhile been replaced by the follow-up website referenced below.

Additional information