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ALRC Family Violence Inquiry Blog

From the website:

The Australian Law Reform Commission released a Consultation Document, Family Violence—Improving Legal Frameworks (ALRC CP1) for the Family Violence Inquiry on 29 April 2010, as well as a smaller, more accesible summary of that document.

The Consultation Paper calls for submissions on more than 200 questions and proposals for law reform, and each of those is listed on this site. They are set out according to the structure of the two consultation documents, in their respective chapters, and people should refer to those chapters if they require background information.


The purpose of this blog

This blog has been set up to enable public discussion and debate of the questions and proposals contained in the Family Violence Consultation Document. The invitation to join this discussion is open to all.

The site uses (version 2.3).

Additional information

Tools used

A list of tools that were used during this project: