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Virtual European Parliament

E-participation project involving people from three European regions: LuleƄ (Sweden), Barcelona (Spain) and Flanders (Belgium).

From the website:

The Virtual European Parliament project (VEP) aims as a trial project at integrating young EU citizens from 3 different regions (Lulea, Barcelona, Flanders) in the decision making process of the European Parliament. As a trial project the Virtual EP activities will run in parallel to the actual agenda of the European Parliament. The young EU citizens will be able to access relevant information via the VEP portal, will be able to share thoughts with the other participants, will be able to collaboratively write reports on specific topics and will be asked to give their opinion via mobile voting and surveying. The process is moderated by an international support office looking after the quality of all Virtual EP activities.

Additional information

Tools used

A list of tools that were used during this project: